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We have a range of seating charts to suit all styles and budgets.

As with all the stationery every style can be adapted to suit any theme or colour.

It can be tailored to match the theme of your Invitations or a whole new theme.

There are a variety of different Options we offer:-

Boarded Plans that will sit on their own nicely on an Easel.

Print outs that you can frame or Board your self

Individual cards that can be used for Pallets, Mirrors and many other imaginative ways

Vinyl Stickers for Mirrors

Fabric Hangers

A lot of our designs are hand drawn, so no theme or idea is to much.

Be is Lord of the rings, Ducks, Racing or Champagne Bottles.


A Card seating chart can be made in a range of styles and colours and can come either card, boarded or framed. They can be A3, A2 and bigger but we recommend most seating plans to be A2.

Full card seating plans start from £20 and then vary on additional items such as frames, wax seals, boards.

A3 Card - £20

A3 Boarded - £45

A2 Card (will need to be framed or boarded) - £45

A2 Boarded - £60

Frames - from £20

Individual Cards

Individual cards can be ordered for you to then add to mirrors or pallets and decorate in your own way.

These start at £1.50 each and then addition for extras such as wax seals, glitter card, ribbon ect.


Vinyl can be added to mirrors and acrylic. You can either buy the vinyl on its own and apply yourself or it can be bought all ready made and applied to your chosen surface.

Vinyl seating chart with 5 tables and a top header - £75

Additional tables - £10

Prices vary for Mirrors/acrylic

depending on size and style.

All vinyl comes with transfer tape so can be easily applied.