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Layered Invitations start from as little as £1.25

They can come with any design and in any colour.

Each design can be altered to suit what you like, so if you would like to add ribbon,

change shape, add vellum it can all be done.

We can also have as little or as many pages to add to make the perfect invitation.

They can be layered in many different ways and can include the ring eyelet, ribbon, vellum or twine.

Prices for layered invitations start at £2.00 for 2 pages. It is then an additional 75p for any further pages.

Additional costs are then added if you would like eyelets, ribbon, wax seals, foiling ect.


Eyelets are a simple yet effective way to keep your loose cards together.

These can be used in a corner or with multiple to create a book opening.

These can come in

- Gold

- Silver

- Nickle

To add an eyelet is an additional 15p


Ribbon + Twine

Adding ribbon or twine can add an extra element to your invitations.

These can be used with or without an eyelet, but including an eyelet does make it a lot stronger and less likely to tear.

The ribbon can be added just in the corner, centre or used to make a bow.

Prices start from 15p for the Twine and 35p for Ribbon.


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