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All our Save the Dates start from £0.75for standard A7 size and include a white envelope.

We can offer A6 Size at £1.00

I offer bespoke designs or any of the designs below.

Bespoke designs have an additional £25.00 design fee.

However should you choose a current design then there is no fee.


They are all handmade and hand designed so any element can be changed from colours, shape and ribbon.

All Save the dates can also come as magnets.


Save the dates come as A7 size with a white envelope. They can be upgraded to size A6/A5 and have coloured envelopes. They can also all be turned into magnets with a magnet strip applied to the back.

All designs can be altered to suit your colour scheme.

The fingerprint cards can come with 1 or two coloured ink pads. These are an additional £2.50 per tub along with the prices below.

A7 STD - £0.75

A6 STD - £1.00

A5 STD - £1.25

Coloured Envelopes - 25p

Magnet Strip - 50p

Foiled Save the dates £2.00

Tag Save the Dates

The same sizing applies to the Tag save the dates as the cards. They can also be made into magnets and can be customised to suit your colour scheme/theme. The prices are the same as above but with the addition of ribbon/twine/key ect

C7 Shaped Save the date with ribbon or Twine


Pencil us in

The pencil us in save the dates come larger than the standard size. They are A6 and come with the addition of a small pencil. This is then attached using either ribbon or twine depending on your colour scheme/style.

Pencil us in Save the date - £1.75

Bespoke Design

We offer a range of different bespoke save the dates. We can illustrate your venue, illustrate you as a couple and even alter the shape of your invite.

Bespoke designs start from £50 for venue/portrait illustrations and £25 for shaped designs. Then the same pricing applies as above depending on which style you choose.

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